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Ms. Wu was also diagnosed with breast cancer. But she chose to bravely accept and face the challenge. Let's listen to her experiences and how Porcupine Dates helped improve her condition during her cancer treatment.


Sometimes bad things really do happen one after another. Like her sister, Ms. Wu was also diagnosed with breast cancer, but she never complained or gave up. She chose to bravely accept and face the challenge. Let's hear about her journey of fighting cancer.
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Ms. Wu, from Taiping, started to worry a year ago when she discovered a lump in her breast. Two months later, she went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. At the time, Ms. Wu was not particularly scared or worried, because her sister had experienced the same condition before, so she bravely chose to accept and face it.

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According to Ms. Wu's sister, she was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer three or four years ago (in 2018). At first, she also discovered a lump in her breast and told her sister that feeling something does not necessarily mean it is something bad. She only saw a doctor six months later and was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Ms. Wu's sister had always accompanied her to see the doctor, and Ms. Wu said she was very scared at the time. Ms. Wu also said that when she found out about her sister's breast cancer, she was quite nervous because she had no knowledge or idea of breast cancer at that time.
Ms. Wu is a Buddhist practitioner who gains great courage and confidence every day through chanting. Although doctors say that cancer is usually caused by stress, Ms. Wu believes that her work and life have not caused her much stress, so she still does not understand what caused her to get cancer.
Ms. Wu got to know porcupine Dates through Facebook and also knew that it is not cheap. She also learned through Facebook that porcupine Dates are very effective for cancer patients. Taking porcupine Dates can relieve the pain of cancer patients. Ms. Wu said that when she took the first package of Arrowroot Dates, her body reacted with a lot of bowel movements, and she felt that a lot of toxins were discharged from her body. When she took the second package of porcupine Dates, her body began to itch. After the third package, the itching began to decrease. Perhaps it was because the toxins in her body were being expelled.
Ms. Wu herself dared not try other old folk remedies because life is precious. In any case, she listens to the doctor and does chemotherapy and other doctor’s treatments. She does not believe that there is any magic pill that can cure her illness. Ms. Wu's sister also agrees that she must listen to the doctor, and her mother's words may not necessarily be correct.
What bothers Ms. Wu the most is her appetite and her mental state, especially now that she has just finished chemotherapy and her body is tired and weak. The biggest fear is that cancer will recur, which is the biggest concern for every cancer patient. Religious faith and encouragement from family have given Ms. Wu great support. For Ms. Wu, religious faith is not just a spiritual sustenance, but a way to find courage and confidence through chanting and to face problems more bravely. If you are always worried and depressed, life will be difficult, and there will be no benefit to yourself.
Ms. Wu also expresses her gratitude to her family. During her battle with cancer, her family provided her with tremendous support. Although they did not say any particularly comforting words, they silently prayed for her and took her illness seriously. Now, Ms. Wu believes that in the remaining years of her life, which may be no more than a decade or so, she has learned to let go of many things, especially her attachment to money. If she can use her financial resources to help others within her ability, she will do her best to assist.

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